Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pneumonia Vaccine, Is it Effective?

My youngest son, Paul Jethro, had his first pneumonia and asthma attack  last April 2009, summer, a week after we enjoyed a one-day picnic-swimming family activity at Ohlala Paradise Spring  Resort at Guinobatan, Albay.   I was then at the office when he was taken to the Emergency Room of  Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital,  nearest hospital in our house by his sister.  He was gasping for air, he had difficulty in breathing.  He was diagnosed to have an asthma and a pneumonia at the same time.  He was confined to the hospital for five days.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Acapulco, an Anti-fungal herb

Are you bothered by itchy fungal infections like dandruff, ringworm, etc.? Are you looking for a natural treatment? Try Acapulco and learn to process it into ointment and balm.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Smart Way of Facing Challenges

A problem is a part of life.  It is a difficulty encountered while meeting a necessity, a want or a dream.  A challenge is considered as a problem when it  affected us. When the realization of the “necessity” is important to us, we consider the problem as  significant one.  On the other hand, when it is only a “want” that we can do without, the challenge is only slight.  But, nevertheless, it gives us stress.

A puzzle.  That’s another way we can look at the problem we are facing. While being challenge with the puzzle, we sometimes spend an sleepless night, just to find the right move. We need more effort, time and resources, just to solve the puzzle.  By continuously finding solutions to the problems at hand, it eventually sharpen’s our mind.