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Acapulco, an Anti-fungal herb

Are you bothered by itchy fungal infections like dandruff, ringworm, etc.? Are you looking for a natural treatment? Try Acapulco and learn to process it into ointment and balm.

Effectiveness of Acapulco

During my childhood days, I have a playmate who used to have a an itchy ringworm and lots of “An-an” scattered all over her body. While we were playing, he used to scratched it every now and then. One day, I saw him with a bunch of leaves, then through a mortar and pestle, he pound it and extracted the juice of the leaves. Said juice was applied to the affected area. A week after, his scratching was gone and so with his skin problems.

Acapulko flower
I realized now that the leaves he used were from Acapulco plant, one that is rich with anti-fungal properties. Now, I always have Acapulco ointment or balm in our house. I tell you, it is effective in treating dandruff in your scalp, in your eyebrows as well as for treating other skin problems caused by fungi

Other health benefits

The Acapulco is widely used in the Philippines as one of the herbal medicines. Its leaves contain chrysophanic acid, a fungicide that is used to treat fungal infections. It is also known to treat intestinal, lung and mouth problems.

Acapulco can be used as herbal medicine for the following lung and mouth problems: 
• Expectorant for bronchitis and dyspnoea
• Mouthwash in stomatitis
• Alleviation of asthma symptoms

It can also be used for the following skin diseases:
• Tinea infections
• Skin bites
• Eczema
• Scabies,

Acapulco is also good for the following stomach problems:
• Laxative to expel intestinal parasites
• Diuretic
• Purgative

Warning: Strong decoction of leaves can cause abortion among pregnant women. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


How to prepare an Acapulco Ointment or


To make it readily available in your home, Acapulco can be processed into a Home-made Ointment or Balm.

How it is processed into ointment or balm?

* Get a handful of Acapulco leaves (fresh or dried), slice them thinly.
• In a saucepan or any clean stainless container, place 1 cup of virgin coco oil or olive oil or a vegetable oil. (Proportion: 1 cup oil: 1 cup sliced leaves)
• Submerge in the oil the sliced leaves, then heat in a slow fire for 10 minutes. Stir, once in a while. Fry until crispy.
• Strain, to separate the oil from the leaves.
• Put back the oil in the container.
• Add some wax (honey bee wax is preferred, if not, an ordinary candle will do).
• Test. Drop a small amount of liquid in a saucer or a fresh leaf. Wait until it coagulates.
• Optional: You may add some natural flower scent such as ilang-ilang , rose, sampaguita, etc. But, be sure to remove them before pouring the mixture in the container.
• Pour in the desired container while it is still hot. Let it cool.
Now, you just made a home-made anti-fungal ointment or balm.
For dandruff treatmentapply the Acapulco Ointment at bedtime or one hour before taking your bath. Repeat theapplication, until all your dandruff is gone. For other skin problems, apply the ointment or balm 3x a day until the problem is gone.

The Acapulco Plant

Acapulco plant
Acapulco is a shrub that normally grows wild in a tropical climate like the Philippines. In the rural areas, said plants grows well in soil with high moisture content. It is commonly found in areas along the river side, streams, and the likes. It can, however, be propagated by cutting stem or seeds.



  1. Hi! any idea where we can find akapulko leaves? thanks

    1. I am from the Bicol Region and I can see it anywhere, particularly in vacant lots and rural areas, particularly near bodies of water like rivers. Some used the plant for landscaping. I believe, it can be found anywhere in the Philippines.

  2. Replies
    1. Actually, i have no idea. I used dried or fresh leaves when needed.

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