Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Effective Ways to Cope with Stress

Don't be stressed with stress. Relax and enjoy life!

Stress is our body's method of reacting to challenge.  Many of us however, look at stress in a negative way that we treat it as a problem. Let us look at stress in another way.  What would life be if we live a life without stress?   It's like taking a vacation with nothing to do, a vacation that was extended for two months, years perhaps? For a person who used to have a busy life before the vacation, life would be boring, completely boring.

We need stress to make our life more colorful. It creates pressure and pushes us to our limits.  I have friends who worked faster and who are more
productive when pressured. That's why they accomplished more when near or on the deadlines of their assignments. Stress helped us accomplished our targets and goals.

On the other hand, stress can ruin your life.  It can harm your physical and mental health as well as your relationship with your family and friends. A prolong stress can adversely affect your temper, your sleep, your appetite and body system.  In other words, it can make you sick.  Your normal day to day activities will be affected and medical treatment is costly that it can drain all your savings.

A balance lifestyle is a must for a healthy life.  We need to evaluate our lifestyle and act on the result before it's too late.We might be working too hard, preparing for future medical treatment or hospital bills. Prevention is still better than cure.

What if you find out that stress is eating all your energies and its on your shoulder for a long time.  Do you need to change job?  If it cannot be done yet, changing attitude is the next best alternative. In my case, here's my technique when coping with stress, particularly when faced with a challenging work, "I just do my best and leave the rest to God. If my best is not enough, I ask for help.  If help is out of reach, I tried to accept that things or events are beyond my control yet, still  hope for the best. Anyway tomorrow is another day and better things might happen".

Proper management of stress is equally important as observing proper nutrition in your regular meals. Below is another way of stress management:

  • Identify the source of stress
  • Look at how you cope with stress
  • Alter the situation
  • Adopt to the stressors
  • Accept the things that you can't change
  • Make time for fun and relaxation
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle



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